F.O.S. - filter cleaning

Cleaning of industrial filters: less expensive and faster than replacing filter media

When is it necessary to clean industrial filters?

An increasing differential pressure in filter systems is a clear sign that filter media is clogged and shall be cleaned. This can be caused by various factors. Changing the stressed filter media is usually associated with a cost-intensive production stop and downtimes.

Our solution: internationally patented and thus unique cleaning methods!

We assure sustainable results and thus a significant service life extension. The filters we clean achieve normally the same performance as new ones.

The method is based in a sample cleaning and filter bag analysis carried out in advance in our laboratory, including a detailed laboratory report in which the values achieved by cleaning are compared with those of a new filter bag. Of course we confirm these results with appropriate measuring instruments during the industrial filter cleaning on site.

Cleaning of filters in built-in condition

F.O.S. On-Line Cleaning®

The cleaning procedure for vertically installed filter bags or cartridges in built-in condition (filter bags and supportin cages do not have to be dismantled) ensures efficient, thorough and safe removal of surface and deep dust. The complete filter bag is cleaned from top to bottom gently and evenly. This enables us to achieve a constant cleaning result over its entire length. Industrial filter cleaning by the F.O.S. On-Line Cleaning® offers enormous technical and economic benefits:

  • No dismantling and re-assembly costs
  • No production stop (n-1 operation)
  • Up to 80 % cost savings compared to a new assembly
  • The supporting cages remain built-in
  • No waste disposal costs
  • Extended service life and differential pressure reduction thanks to deep dust removal
  • Dust remains in the disposal circuit
  • Safeguarding of environmental resources

F.O.S. Speed Cleaning®

F.O.S. Speed Cleaning® is a faster cleaning method developed for special kinds of dust and material properties. After a comprehensive laboratory examination, we can tell you whether you can benefit from this method.

F.O.S. Pulse Cleaning®

For horizontally installed filter bags and cages (e.g. Lühr) we also offer you a patented process permitting to clean them on site / in situ. Benefit from the advantages of our industrial filter cleaning in this case, too.

F.O.S. Power Cleaning®

This process is used to remove surface dust from vertically installed filter bags. Here an intensive compressed air blast is released from above into the filter bag. With this very cost-effective and fast cleaning method, supporting cages and filter bags also remain installed in your system.

Cleaning of filters in disassembled condition

We also can clean your filter bags and filter cartridges in our factory in Ahlen (Germany), where all the above described cleaning methods can be applied.

Use the cleaned filter elements as a new and cost-effective stock reserve.

As a certified waste management company, we operate officially approved waste treatment plants and have the appropriate transport and storage permits for hazardous waste. In this way we guarantee that no hazardous substances are released into the environment.



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Your Benefits

  • You protect the environment and the climate by avoiding the CO2 that would otherwise result from thermal recycling.
  • They conserve valuable resources.
  • You reduce costs because the use of regenerated filter materials is extremely economical for you.
  • You receive high quality materials. With detailed analysis procedures in our laboratory, we ensure that the test values of our regenerated filter materials correspond to those of new materials.