SORA-MT - Filter Bags / Media

Sustainable environmental protection thanks to SORA-MT filter media

Thanks to our production site in Romania, you benefit from the highest possible quality and short delivery times – even in case of an imminent loss of production.

Our products are subject to intensive quality controls: we make sure that they achieve 100  percent fitting accuracy and do not start manufacturing as long as you have not approved the sample. All filter bags are subject to a strict final inspection

Filter bags and filter pockets

SORA-MT manufactures individual and customized filter bags, filter pockets and multi-filter pockets made of various materials. The SORA-MT company processes polyester (PES), polypropylene (PP), meta-aramide (e.g. Nomex®), glass, polyimide (e.g. P84®), PPS or PTFE. You can choose from more than 700 different qualities/materials.

Unique on the market : regenerated filter materials

We recycle already used high-quality materials and use them to manufacture new filter bags.

F.O.S. offers you regenerated filter materials made of  PI, PPS or PTFE. These materials are processed in specially constructed waste treatment plants approved in accordance with German Laws in such a way that they can be reintroduced into the economic cycle. You always receive filter bags of highest quality. We ensure with detailed analysis procedures in our laboratories that the test values of our regenerated filter materials correspond to those of new ones.

Achieve substantial cost savings while  protecting the climate and the environment.

Filter cartridges/Filter plates/ Filter cassettes

Air pollution control that exactly meets your requirements: Tailor-made FOS-tex® filter cartridges enable the effective surface area to be increased while at the same time providing a very compact design. Their separation capacities of up to 99.99 % makes them particularly suitable for use in critical applications, such as very fine dusts.

In addition, we also supply high-quality filter plates and filter cassettes for your individual application.

The wide F.O.S. product range for air pollution control includes other products:

  • Air filter mats can be cut to size for reliable coarse dust separation
  • Pre-filters for clean-room filters
  • General air-conditioning technology
  • Ventilation coarse and fine dust filters in all classes
  • Filter mats
  • Filter cells
  • Pocket filters
  • Compact filters
  • Particle filters
  • Cleanable particle filters
  • Active charcoal filters
  • Overspray filters
  • Textile air distribution systems



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