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Sora Ecofiltre is now part of the F.O.S. Group

The F.O.S. Group – Complete solutions for the dedusting technology

The F.O.S. group operates internationally with highly qualified and specialized personnel in the field of industrial dedusting technology.

The product and service spectrum “Everything from a single source” includes the production of filter elements and technical service, so that we can submit you complete solutions offering the greatest possible benefit.

We are putting your concerns at the heart of our sustainable business !

Consistent product and service quality, competence in consulting and on-site service, reliability, punctuality and flexibility are the characteristics of our service philosophy. We see you as a partner and work with you to develop individual and tailor-made solutions that match your specific needs.

F.O.S. is a leader in the german market for professional disassembly, reassembly and cleaning of filter media using patented processes. Inspections, maintenance, repairs, pipeline construction, plant construction and modifications of complete filter systems as well as the disposal and processing of used filter media are all part of this integrated solution.

In our production sites, we manufacture high-quality filter bags for the power plant, cement, chemical, food, raw material extraction, waste incineration and other industries.

All materials available on the market are processed according to your individual needs. Our product range is rounded off by spare parts such as control and measuring devices, support cages, filter cartridges, filter plates, air-conditioning articles such as pocket filters, air filter mats and filter cassettes, bag covers and suspensions, tensioning straps and precoating powder for filter systems.

Integrated process optimizations

F.O.S. Filtertec enables you to achieve integrated process optimization that not only bring tangible cost advantages, but also contributes effectively to environmental protection. We systematically help you to find and implement cost saving ways, to operate your equipment optimally and thus to conserve the environment and resources.

Our primary aim is to clean filter media on site, while installed, in order to lower your dedusting costs and to keep environmental impact as low as possible.

We commit ourselves to complying with all relevant laws and regulations. In addition, we have our occupational safety and quality and environmental management systems audited by certification organizations. We regularly provide our specialized personnel with further training in order to enable them to satisfy all your requirements.

Your satisfaction is our motivation

Sustainable environmental and climate protection

In addition to cost reduction in your company, environmental protection is a central issue of the F.O.S. group. We meet all legal environmental requirements. Our actions comply with the international requirements of the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. We are certified as a specialized waste management company in accordance with §56 of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act in conjunction with the Ordinance on Specialized Waste Management Companies.

For us, the protection of nature means even more: as a progressive and environmentally conscious company, we attach great importance to sustainable management and the careful use of resources – thanks to minimized emission values, the optimum use of suitable filter media or to a better CO2 balance by avoiding disposal.

F.O.S. Industrial Filter Technology, Inc. is the only specialized company offering filter bags made of recycled materials. This reprocessed product will enable you to achieve substantial costs savings. The sustainable production of these filter bags will also help protect the environment.

As a certified waste management company, we operate officially approved waste treatment plants and have the appropriate transport and storage permits for hazardous waste. In this way we guarantee that no hazardous substances are released into the environment.

Our company

  • Market leader for professional assembly and cleaning of filter media thanks to our patented procedures
  • All-in-one solutions
  • New construction of complete filter systems
  • Cleaning
  • Repair works
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Modifications
  • Disposal or treatment of used filter media
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Laboratory services

Your benefits

  • Complete solutions for dedusting technology
  • Cost reduction thanks to process optimisation
  • Consistent high quality of products and services
  • Individual consulting and on-site service
  • Tailor made filter solutions, especially for your company